Tantimber's Advanced Woodworking Processes

Tantimber products are subjected to high-quality thermal modification at international standards. Thus, products gain endurance to all climate and weather conditions. Thermal modification process (Thermally Modified Timber - TMT) is the process of minimizing the dehumidification and deformation behavior by raising internal temperature of the wood above 200 C. As a result of decomposition of bonding water (relative humidity - OH Groups) contained in the wood, products reach to the maximum resistance against climatic constraints, become resistant to the fungal growth and decay. TMT is a natural process in which no chemicals are involved. It does not leave a toxic residue on the product.

Tantimber implements advanced process steps defined in high quality standards during thermal modification processes and at all stages of production. Thanks to the release of the relative humidity in the timber; TMT products have moisture resistance, resistance to decay, and maximum dimensional stability in outdoor weather conditions. Tantimber products are listed in Biological Durability Class 1 and Class 2 according to European Technical Norms EN 350-2 and EN 355.



With the Thermally Modification process, Tantimber products are gaining high properties compared to conventional dried wood products, WPC and impregnated materials. With the applied high temperature into the wood core the moisture is being released and the humidity gets fixed at 4-7% which disables Tantimber products to be attacked by wood-decay organisms, such as fungi, insects or other organisms. Tantimber Thermowood Products are reaching a Durability Class-1 and Durability Class-2 depending on the wood specie according to the European Norms CEN/TS 15679 and EN 350-2. The durability is getting increased to min. 25 years and Tantimber products become a perfect fit for harsh condition use and at any kind of weather conditions.


The most important feature and advantage of wood is that it can be maintained. Wood is generally preferred because it is a renewable material. Wood is an important value for economic and habitat preservation because it is maintenanceable material compared to many industrial products. The ability to care for a material is proof that the life span of that product is long. It is undoubtedly a great feature to have an easy maintenance on wooden products when a new product is purchased instead of an economically damaged product, the cost of removing the old one and replacing the new one is calculated. Thanks to Thermowood process Tantimber Thermowood products have a lot of benefits and offers to the market which includes Durability, Stability, Dimensional Stability, minimization of wood's natural behaviors and ease of maintenance. Wood, which has added warmth, dignity, naturalness and peace to the places for many years, has gained a new dimension with the distinctive touch of Tantimber.