Tantimber Engineered Flooring

Due to their high durability, rich color, and design options, our engineered floorings are a good solution for offices, restaurants, hotels, plazas, and housing.

The raw materials are provided from the most valuable oak trees of Croatia and they become modern, high strength building products by going through a sensitive production process in our facility.

Tantimber Engineered Floorings offer different surface options like lacquered, oiled, brushed and hand scraped. They also have different dimension alternatives in 120 mm / 150 mm / 190 mm / 205 mm / 225 mm / 255 mm widths. Our engineered floorings offer the unique naturality of the wood for different application areas (floor heating etc.). They are the long lasting and esthetic floor covering solution for your living spaces.

From the Herringbone and Chevron pattern to different visual preferences, Tantimber Laminated Floorings complement the design concept successfully with its different design alternatives.

Tantimber Solid Floorings

Tantimber Solid Floorings bring the beautiful naturality of sustainable forests from Slavonia region, where the most quality oak trees grow in Croatia and Hungary.

Besides our durable solid floorings that are made of ash and iroko species, we also make difference in floors with solid floorings manufactures from oak with its authentic texture.

With rich design alternatives, our high-quality Tantimber Solid Floorings which are controlled by wood experts at every stage of the process, redefine the dimensional standards.

Besides Tantimber solid and raw floorings, we also offer ready oiled and lacquered flooring alternatives that don’t need to be surface treated again.

With several design concepts; the Herringbone and Chevron alternatives, Tantimber Solid Floorings give freedom of choice to designers and place owners according to their imagination.

Tantimber Solid Floorings are available in different widths and thicknesses such as; 15 mm, 20 mm and 27 mm. They also have a wide variety of sizes up to 400 mm width and 5000 mm length.

Tantimber Laid Floorings

The history of Laid Floorings (Marquetry parquet) dates back to the 1300’s. This floor covering is created with the purpose of responding to design demands. It is an inlaid pattern work formed by combining small pieces of colored wood on flooring.

Tantimber Marquetry Floorings are produced according to design preferences to make your dreams come true.

With Tantimber Laid Floorings, we bring the historical patterns and texture to your living spaces by combining traditional woodworking with modern technology.