While the trend goes to the direction; more Nature with more natural products, Tantimber products are becoming the main choice with it’s natural features for outdoors. Thus value adding on the products becomes a must for Tantimber!

With the Innovative, Environmentally Friendly wood protection by Sioo:X a silver grey color for both Deckings and Claddings are being created homogeneously and fast! The wood protection products are water-based and environmentally friendly, with a unique, patent pending formula based on silicon-potassium. The application by Tantimber provides unrivaled long lasting fresh and natural silver
grey wooden surfaces.

Main Advantages: 

• Up to 12 years durability. (Durability depends on the wood species and exposure)
• Provides a clean and smooth silver-grey wood surface.
• Strenghens the wood surface and protects against damaging UV radiation.
• Long lifespan.
• Homogenously fading on each area with exposure to nature and getting totally silver grey between 5-12 Months.