Our Tantimber Iroko decking products show excellent performance in all areas including severe climatic conditions. Iroko decking products which are produced from the top quality raw materials are suitable for every area of usage. They also provide an aesthetic appearance with their light color.

With Thermowood process we minimize the bending and swelling characteristics of the iroko specie. We homogenize the inherent extreme color differences and provide visual harmony.

Due to their superior durability, our Iroko deck products are a substitute for endangered teak tree products. Tantimber Thermowood Iroko decking products take part in the first class according to European Technical Norms in terms of durability, and have minimum 25 years longevity.

Origin: Cameroon

Botanical Name: Milicia Excelsa (Chlorophora Excelsa)

Biological Life: Minimum 25 years

Durability Class: 1