Tantimber Iroko Deckings, produced by Tantimber Thermowood process, are placed in Durability Class 1 as well as providing excellent performance. Tantimber Thermowood Iroko Decking, with the best quality raw materials by carefully selecting the ones that are enabling to create the perfect quality, provides the best results even in the most difficult climatic conditions.

Tantimber Thermowood Iroko Decking products, which are suitable for all types of applications due to their different measurements, are in Durability Class 1 according to European Technical Norms and provide a minimum of 25 years durability.    

Tantimber End-Matching

Tantimber provides ease of application during assembly in decking and cladding  by end-matching. During the application of thermowood decking and cladding produced in different lengths, maximum efficiency is obtained from the products as head parts are locked and wastage is reduced by Tantimber End-matching.


Origin: Cameroon

Botanical Name: Milicia Excelsa (Chlorophora Excelsa)

Biological Life: Minimum 25 years

Durability Class: 1