With our Tantimber Ash decking products, we offer many different opportunities in terms of thickness and width possibilities.

Due to the variety of our product range, Thermowood Ash products provide ease of application and superior results in many areas requiring intensive pedestrian circulation such as pool sides, public spaces and garden floorings.

As the best substitute to tree species provided from tropical forests, and provided from sustainable North American forests, our ash decking products make a contribution to the protection of the environment and ecological life.

Our Tantimber Thermowood Ash decking products take part in the first class according to European Technical Norms in terms of durability, and have minimum 25 years longevity. In addition, they provide ease of use with many practical solutions both in terms of assembly and maintenance.

Origin: North America

Botanical Name: Fraxinus Americana

Biological Life: Minimum 25 years

Durability Class: 1