Tantimber Thermowood Ash Decking products, obtained from the sustainable forests in Northern America, provide the possibility to be used in different thicknesses and widths. Tantimber Thermowood Ash Decking products offer a wide range of profiles that can be used comfortably in extensive pedestrian traffic areas such as pool edges, public areas, shopping malls, lanscaping, etc. Tantimber Thermowood Decking also offers benefits with easy to install solutions in installation and maintenance. It is placed in Class-1 according to European Technical Norms and provides a minimum biological durability of 25 years.

Tantimber End-Matching

Tantimber provides ease of application during assembly in decking and cladding  by end-matching. During the application of thermowood decking and cladding produced in different lengths, maximum efficiency is obtained from the products as head parts are locked and wastage is reduced by Tantimber End-matching.

Origin: North America

Botanical Name: Fraxinus Americana

Biological Life: Minimum 25 years

Durability Class: 1