Tantimber decking products have a wide range with thickness, width and profile options. Tantimber decking products are carefully selected from different tree species from sustainable resources. With Tantimber Thermowood Ash, Tantimber Thermowood Pine and Tantimber Thermowood Iroko alternative decking products; modern, appealing to architectural aesthetic concepts, with many  different value addings such as brushing effects, end-matching solutions and 6 sides oiled products, and functional building solutions.

The most suitable wood products from the sustainable forests has gained a new long-lasting and high performance aesthetic dimension with Tantimber quality in terraces, gardens, bathrooms, walkways and lanscaping.

Tantimber End-Matching

Tantimber provides ease of application during assembly in decking and cladding  by end-matching. During the application of thermowood decking and cladding produced in different lengths, maximum efficiency is obtained from the products as head parts are locked and wastage is reduced by Tantimber End-matching.