Tantimber TMT Iroko Claddings are high value adding, strong materials for outdoor purposes along with it’s beautiful color and structural visual properties. With the Thermowood process three new features are being added to the Iroko, which is in the category of species with long biological lifespan as obtained from nature.

1) Natural behaviors are minimized thanks to excellent dimensional stability.

2) The existing extreme color differences are made homogenous by Thermowood process, and a great visual integrity is ensured.

3) It is the best alternative to Teak in terms of visibility as well as durability.

Tantimber Thermowood Iroko Cladding indicates excellent aesthetic visuality and strength for outdoor use.

Origin: Cameroon

Botanical Name: Milicia Excelsa (Chlorophora Excelsa)

Biological Life: Minimum 25 years

Durability Class: 1