Wood is the part of the earth. It completely dissolves in nature and joins in the organic lifecycle without harming the environment. Therefore, the wood that is derived from sustainable forests is one of the most eco-friendly construction materials.

Wood is a renewable resource from the nature. Tantimber, with its innovative production approach, is using the latest Thermowood Technology to refine and redefine the wood to its most stable and durable form.

Tantimber is manufacturing thermally modified cladding and decking products according to International Thermowood Association standards. Our facility is established in Sakarya 2. Industrial Zone on a 10.000 m2 area. It has 11.000 m3’s of Thermal Modification production capacity and consequently 420.000 mof end product volume.

With the updated infrastructure and it’s manufacturing principles according to European Norms CEN/TS 15679, Tantimber provides high valued and durable products. Aiming the best service to it’s clients with specialists in their field.


Preferring the world’s top highest and sustainable raw material sources

Tantimber believes that our planet belongs to human beings and all living creatures. It is the responsibility of everyone and all institutions to take care of the sustainable natural life. Tantimber obtains its raw materials from sustainable forests to protect the natural habitat. Our products don’t leave any harmful substances, and they are a healthy and conscious alternative to petroleum-based wood imitation terrace covering and (WPC, composite) hybrid products that harm creatures and the environment.

Perfectness in physical endurance and esthetics

Tantimber focuses on providing the maximum durability and stability expected from the product during the production phase. In the meantime, by evaluating the current esthetic trends in accordance with the request of the customer, it gives importance to design in all products with visual dimension. The quality and esthetic values of the products are indispensable for Tantimber.


By following the world wood processing industry and the architectural orientation closely, Tantimber catches up with the new technology era and brings the solutions to production agenda. By doing so, it takes the customer’s suggestions, expectations, and feedback into consideration.


Tantimber products are completely natural. From raw materials procurement to the occurrence of the final product, no chemical is used at any stage of the process. The wood protects its naturality with Tantimber Thermowood processing technology, by being removed from resin, increasing its biological life as well as dimensional stability, minimizing the effects of humidity and consequently eliminates the rotting behavior.